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At CHS, we are committed to being active members of our communities and helping to support the future of rural Illinois and agriculture. We are proud to give back to our towns with our time, talent and resources.

When you work with CHS in our region, you’re also helping one of North America’s largest agribusinesses meet its broader stewardship goals. At CHS and the CHS Foundation, we’re committed to creating a strong future for rural America and giving back to our communities with our time, talent and resources. Learn more about how we are keeping farm families safe and supporting projects in our hometown communities by visiting

Local County Fairs 2016

The American county fair developed in the early nineteenth century when agricultural reformers in the northeastern United States organized local exhibitions to promote modern farming. Typical events included livestock judging, exhibits of new agricultural implements and techniques, and plowing contests. The Union Agricultural Society (1839), which published the Prairie Farmer from Chicago, drew members from counties throughout Northeastern Illinois and held its first annual fair in Naperville in 1841” (Encyclopedia of Chicago, “The Evolution of the Agricultural Fair in the Northwest”).

Many things have evolved since the early nineteenth century, but Illinois county fairs continue to stand the test of time. At CHS, we are actively involved in local county fairs and participate in over ten local parades.



CHS proudly sponsored the Livestock Champions at the Jersey County Fair.







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