Co-op ownership opens a world of opportunities

A farmer and CHS employee holding a tablet standing together in a wheat field discussing cooperative ownership

When you choose to do business with CHS, you are connected to a world of opportunities powered by local experts.

As the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative, CHS creates connections that help its owners build their operations and their communities.

In celebration of National Co-op Month, we dug deep into the cooperative model to reveal seven benefits of being an owner of CHS. Benefits that extend far past the field. Watch a video on the benefits of cooperative ownership.

You Have a Voice

As a cooperative owner, you have the chance to voice your opinion. CHS is focused on creating connections that add value for our owners by carrying the voices of its members to places like Washington, D.C., where CHS Government Affairs, the CHS Board and next-generation co-op leaders educate legislators about issues affecting farmers and ranchers, cooperatives and agriculture.

Benefit from Local Experts

With experts in grain, agronomy, energy and animal nutrition, CHS builds relationships to help farmers and ranchers get the most from every acre, every mile and every ton of feed. Our teams know what you need, when you need it.

Market Access

CHS plays a key role in connecting farmer-owners with customers around the world. With facilities in rural communities across the United States and an industry-leading supply chain, CHS provides critical access to growing world markets.

Earn Patronage and Equity

By doing business with CHS, eligible farmer-owners share in the distribution of cash patronage and equity. In the past 12 years, CHS has returned about $3.6 billion to its owners in the form of cash patronage.

Help Communities Thrive

Rural communities are the backbone of agriculture. CHS supports local communities in many ways, including CHS Seeds for Stewardship grants.  In 2019, CHS retail locations awarded more than $95,000 in matching funds to strengthen hometown communities.

Tap into a Global Supply Chain

As a cooperative owner, you are part of an extensive grain origination network that links your farm to world markets. You benefit from a broad-based input system that harnesses the power of cooperative-owned refineries and growing agronomy resources to deliver inputs when and where you need them.

Focus on Long-Term Thinking

CHS has been in business for 90 years. We’re still here to serve our owners because cooperatives have always been focused on long-term success and value. Through CHS, you have access to a global network of experts and advocates who focus on market trends, challenges and opportunities, so you can stay focused on managing a productive business.

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