December 23rd, 2019 Commentary by Ashton

Overnight markets were a little more active than most anticipated but nothing drastic by any means

Weather forecasts for the US have brought much warmer conditions than normal allowing for many areas to finish up on the last of the corn acres in the fields – this should help cut back on possible cuts in yield and quality.

Other news is lacking so it will be a look out of any updates on estimates for the upcoming Phase 1 deal and what it may or may not include. Would believe that from the headlines and statements from high ranking officials, that a deal will be signed this time around. It will be interesting though to see how aggressive China is after the ink is dried

Have a great and safe day!

CH first support at 384, then 383 ¼, then 377 ½. Resistance at the 100-day MA at 389 ¼, then 390 ½, then 400.
SF support at 924 ¼, then 918 ½, then 911 ½. Resistance at 940, then 960.

CH/CK carry at 6 cents.
CH/CN carry at 12cents.
SF/SH into 9 ½ cent carry. Running out of time now.
SF/SN carry into 34 cents.

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