December 30th, 2019 Commentary by Ashton

Good morning! Corn is unchanged to slightly better while soybean and wheat futures are higher early Monday.

Trade talks with the Chinese remain mostly favorable. Phase 1 is expected to be signed sometime in January. Keep an eye on twitter for updates. China approved 2 new GM crops and renewed permits for 10 others. Soybeans, corn and canola are included as crops for import.

Weather forecasts for the US turning slightly drier for areas in the south and into the Delta limiting excess moisture / temperatures will be on the decline but most see limited winter kill threats at this time.

Reminder that it is a holiday shorten week / markets will be open for a full day session tomorrow before closing down until Thursday AM for a hard opening at 8:30 AM. 

Have a great and safe day!

Mar/May spread: 
Corn: 6 ¾ carry.
Jan/Mar spread:
Soybeans: 13 carry.

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