December 28, 2018 Commentary by Ashton

Good morning! Corn, wheat and soybeans are higher to end the week. Look for slow choppy trade to continue into the New Year barring a Chinese agreement. Partial Government shutdown continues. Traders are focusing on trade relations and Brazil and Argentina weather.

Corn: H/K 7 ¾ carry.
Soybeans: F/H 13 ½ carry.

* Have a great weekend! Regular trading hours on Monday day session. No evening markets Monday evening. Grain and oilseed markets reopen Wednesday at 8:30 am ct. *

Afternoon Update:
Soybeans had a nice rebound to end the week. This helped keep corn in the black, but wheat struggled with a mixed close. Bean strength has been tied to China opening the door for the first time to US rice imports. Some see this as a sign of better things to come for soybeans. Officials from the US and China are to meet in China the week of Jan. 7th.

December 27, 2018 Commentary by Ashton

Good morning! Key reversals lower in corn, beans, and wheats yesterday. Seeing a small bounce overnight across the board. Very thin news today. Congress is expected to reconvene later this afternoon, but no spending bills are expected to be voted on, so the partial government shutdown should continue.

Corn: H/K 7 ¾ carry.
Soybeans: F/H 13 carry.

Afternoon Update:
Corn and wheat markets rose while soybeans faltered in thin, uneventful trade. Markets stabilized on news the U.S. and China will meet face to face in early January to discuss trade relations. Many areas across the U.S. are experiencing winter storms slowing country movement to a standstill. Cash markets seeing little change with soybean processes seeing nominal changes.

December 26th, 2018 Commentary by Ashton

Good morning! Hope you had a great Christmas! Due to the partial government shutdown, the USDA website will not be updated until a new funding bill is passed. Corn and soybeans are expected to be mixed with some pressure on soybeans due to a lack of any encouraging news on the trade war and favorable weather in South America. 

Corn: H/K 7 ¾ carry.
Soybeans: F/H 13 carry

Afternoon Update:
Corn and soybeans lost ground ahead of a robust South American crop and continued trade war with the Chinese. Favorable weather in South America is seen into the new year with soybean harvest expected to gain speed in January.

December 24th, 2018 Commentary by Ashton

Good morning! Corn market has pulled back overnight after Friday’s rally buoyed by talk of potential Chinese purchases. Light, thin trade trade will probably be the fare for this week amid lack of inputs due to the partial government shutdown. Soybeans continue to struggle, down another 4-5 overnight. The only real salve for beans will be an agreement to end the trade war with China. Enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas!!

Corn: H/K 7 ½ carry.
Soybeans: F/H 12 ¾ carry.

December 21st, 2018 Commentary by Ashton

Happy Friday! No export tax was announced. Prices responded negatively, as you would expect. Corn was in the black overnight, beans in the red. Corn is set for its biggest weekly decline since September. Have a great weekend and enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas!!

Afternoon Update: It looked like unwinding of corn/bean spreads today as corn was able to hold onto gains and beans moved lower. There wasn’t anything new after the open this morning.

December 19th, 2018 Commentary by Ashton

Good morning! Overall, the news remains the same: when will we see confirmed sales to China, will Brazil’s current forecast verify. Otherwise, we’re trading headlines. Corn gapped lower overnight from yesterday’s close , keeping it in the middle of the December 380-387 ¾ trading range. Hearing more ethanol plants slowing or closing. Trade is expecting a lower weekly ethanol production number today. Beans traded both sides overnight as the trade hopes for more Chinese sales announcements and concerns over weather in Brazil.

CHS owners elect five directors at CHS Annual Meeting

chs board of directors at CHS Annual Meeting
CHS elected five directors at the CHS Annual Meeting. 
Pictured (left to right) are: David Beckman, David Johnsrud, David Kayser, Russ Kehl and Steve Fritel.

The 2018 CHS Annual Meeting wrapped up December 7 as more than 1,900 CHS member-owners took part in educational sessions, board elections and governance, and heard company updates in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A recap of the meeting, including the 2018 CHS Annual Report, videos and photos is ready to view.

During CHS Board elections Friday morning, CHS owners elected a farmer from Nebraska and re-elected four other farmers to serve three-year terms on the board. CHS Directors must be full-time farmers or ranchers to be eligible for election to the 17-member board.

Newly elected Director David Beckman of Elgin, Nebraska, succeeds Don Anthony of Lexington, Nebraska, who retired after serving on the board since 2006. Along with his wife, brother and their families, Beckman raises irrigated corn and soybeans and operates a custom hog-feeding operation. He received his bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and he serves as board chairman for Central Valley Ag Cooperative, York, Nebraska, and secretary of the Nebraska Cooperative Council.

Re-elected were Steve Fritel, Rugby, North Dakota; David Johnsrud, Starbuck, Minnesota; David Kayser, Alexandria, South Dakota; and Russ Kehl, Quincy, Washington.

Following the annual meeting, the CHS Board re-elected Dan Schurr, LeClaire, Iowa, to a one-year term as chairman. Other directors selected as officers for 2019 were:

  • J. Blew, Castleton, Kansas, first vice chairman
  • David Johnsrud, Starbuck, Minnesota, secretary-treasurer
  • Jon Erickson, Minot, North Dakota, second vice chairman
  • Steve Riegel, Ford, Kansas, assistant secretary-treasurer

Learn more about the CHS Board of Directors.

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