DTN Cattle Prices/Trends 11/30 10:20

DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               11/30 10:20

KANSAS     400   174.00        .              .              .
NEBRASKA   700   175.00        275.00         175.00         275.00
TEXAS      .    *173.00(BID)   .             *173.00(BID)    .
COLORADO   .     .             .              .              .
IOWA       .     .             .              .              .
                         *=PRIVATE SOURCES

DTN COMMENTS: Some light dressed trade is developing in parts of Nebraska 
this morning at $275, steady with yesterday, but $4 lower than last week's 
weighted average. Some bids have been renewed in Texas, albeit at lower 
money than the rest of this week's business. Some asking prices remain 
firm around $176 in the South, and $276 in the North. Beef cutouts are 
expected to be lower, with light to moderate box movement.

So far this week, a few dressed deals were reported in Nebraska at $275, 
$4 lower than last week's weighted averages. A rather light live trade has 
also reported in most parts of cattle feeding country at $173 to $175, 
mostly $175, $2 lower than last week's weighted averages. 

NOTE: Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at
1-402-461-3561. All sales will be listed anonymously and organized by 
state. All live sales are FOB and set for 1-9-day delivery. A weekly 
summary from this data will be posted on the Weekly Cattle Sales Reported 
to DTN page and will be left up for the entire week for reference 

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